Traffic Enforcement

Traffic safety remains a top priority for the Parker Police Department. Officers use lasers, radars and mobile speed boards that help monitor the speed of motorists.


It is the mission of the Parker Police Department to provide safe and efficient travel on public roadways for citizens and visitors of the Town of Parker. Through enforcement of traffic laws, crash investigations, an all crimes approach to criminal interdiction, continuous evaluation of roadway and traffic conditions and teamwork, the Parker Police Department strives to provide a high level of quality service to the motoring public.

How You Can Help

Resident input is an important component in devising our traffic education and enforcement strategy. The Parker Police Department uses an interactive traffic map that allows residents to let us know about trouble spots they see. If there is an area you would like to see increased traffic education and enforcement, please tell us about it on Let's Talk Parker. We place pins on the map to show residents where we have conducted traffic enforcement and where we have made traffic stops. Showing residents our traffic efforts provides accountability to their concerns.

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