File a Complaint

Commitment to Excellence

The Parker Police Department is committed to excellence in law enforcement. We are dedicated to providing customer service that is specifically designed to maximize public safety, customer satisfaction and the quality of life for citizens who live, work and visit Parker. In order to protect life and property, prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime, the Police Department provides service with understanding, response with compassion, performance with integrity and law enforcement with vision.


Occasionally, individuals who come in contact with Police Department employees will feel that the employee’s conduct was inappropriate. When such a circumstance arises, there is a process in place that ensures the issue will be thoroughly investigated.

For more information on police service, please call 303.841.9800 or email us.

Complaint Procedures

We request that you identify yourself, but this is not essential. It is important that you provide as much specific detail as you know at the time to include the date, time and location of the incident, any witness information and any identifying information regarding the officers involved.

To facilitate the follow-up investigation and our notification and response to you, we will ask for your name, date of birth, residence and business addresses and telephone numbers. You will be informed when the investigation is complete, usually in the form of a letter. Anonymous allegations will be accepted and investigated to whatever degree possible based on the information given.

While supporting the reporting of legitimate complaints as a means by which the department can be accountable to the public, the department also seeks to hold members of the public responsible for the reporting of false and malicious allegations. The Parker Police Department will initiate appropriate legal action in cases involving false reporting.

Citizen Report Form

Fill out the Citizen Report Form (PDF) to submit your complaint. You can fax the completed form to 303.841.2430, attention Professional Standards or drop it off at the Police Department.