VISION Terms of Use

The goal of the program is to both deter and solve crime, while enhancing public safety. This will be accomplished collaboratively between the Parker Police Department and the community we serve. Accordingly, all registrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

-The Parker Police Department’s VISION Camera Registration Program database information will be reserved for official use by the Parker Police Department and will not be available to the public. 

-The Parker Police Department will not have access to camera images/footage without the express authorization of the owner and will contact registrants directly to request the appropriate surveillance footage. 

-Any footage containing or related to criminal activity or other emergencies may be collected by the Parker Police Department for use in an investigation or as evidence in a criminal proceeding. 

-This program is entirely voluntary; registrants can withdraw their participation in the program at any time by contacting  

-Under no circumstances shall the registrant construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the Town of Parker or the Parker Police Department under the terms of this voluntary camera registration program.

-By submitting a video to the Parker Police Department, the registrant certifies that the footage has not been altered in any way.

-The registrant is not required to keep their security system on or operational.

-Parker Police Department shall not be responsible for the maintenance of the registrant’s security camera system.

To register your cameras with the VISION program.