VISION Program

Video Increasing Safety in Our Neighborhoods (VISION)

Camera on the side of a house

The partnership between Parker residents and the Parker Police Department is one of the reasons our Town is remarkable. You watch out and care for your friends, neighbors and the community, and you support our efforts to prevent crimes, catch criminals and make Parker a better place to live.

The Parker Police Department would like to partner with Parker residents who have exterior video cameras. Your captured video will help us catch criminals, find missing persons and gather critical evidence that we can use in court. 

Through your voluntary participation in the VISION (Video Increasing Safety In Our Neighborhoods) Camera Registration Program, you will help to strengthen our investigative capabilities, reduce crime in our community and aid in apprehending criminals. Today, when a crime occurs in Parker, Officers must canvas the neighborhood looking for potential video evidence. Through the VISION program, Officers will find video evidence faster that may save an abducted child or find a missing at-risk adult.

The Parker Police Department's VISION Camera Registration Program is a voluntary database of residential and business locations with external security cameras. We will only contact you if we believe one of your cameras may have recorded evidence that could aid a police department investigation. We will not have access to cameras, only footage you choose to provide.

Participation in the program is free and voluntary. All registration information will be kept confidential and will only be accessed by Parker Police personnel. The Parker Police Department will never monitor your cameras or ask to access live cameras. Officers will strictly reach out to registered participants as an investigative tool after a crime or another emergency to gain critical information about the incident. 

Business or residential security cameras may capture evidence essential to solving the case during a crime or other emergency. Police investigations frequently canvass areas surrounding a scene for security cameras. If camera owners aren't home or the cameras are hidden, it can slow the investigation or lead to a dead end.

Suppose a Parker Police Officer is conducting an investigation in your area and believes your external cameras may have captured important information. In that case, they may contact you via email or phone to discuss any footage of interest. Signing up for the VISION program does not obligate you to share any information or videos with the Parker Police Department. There will be no penalty for saying no, or not being available to assist. If it is determined that you did capture important footage on your cameras, an Officer will provide you with details to submit your video footage to the Parker Police Department if you want to help.

Register your cameras for the Parker Police VISION program.

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VISION program terms of use.

Only residents in the Parker Police Department's jurisdiction can participate in the program. If you live in unincorporated Douglas County, you can register your camera with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.