Paint Parker

The Paint Parker mural project is a “tagging” prevention program which facilitates the creation of new murals in areas which tagging has occurred along the trails underpasses within the Town of Parker. The hope is to stop the “tagging” and beautifying the underpasses. Paint Parker is a collaborative effort between the Parker Police, Parks and Recreation and the Cultural Departments.


Open to all artists.




$1,200 stipend

Artist Responsibilities:

For the submission process, artist must provide a letter of intent, suggested supply list and timeline to completion, resume of relevant past experience and electronic design renderings of the proposed mural. Once chosen, artist will confirm detailed supply list and a time line for completion. Artist will execute selected mural in designated location within a coordinated schedule with Parker Parks and Recreation. Artist will have first right of refusal for ongoing maintenance and repair. Artists may elect to work with students to complete the project.

Painting pallet and brushes


The following sites have been selected for the project: 3 Sites will be painted this year, the project will continue next year.

Cherry Creek Regional Trail, under Cottonwood Drive
Dimensions: 30’ w x 11’ h

Sulphur Gulch Trail, under Parker Road
Dimensions: 2 pillars @ 25 feet width; 1 pillar @ 8’; 2 pillars @10’; 1 pillar @10ft

Sulphur Gulch Trail, under Willow Park Dr.
Dimensions: 2 @ 32’w. x 2 @ 10 ft.

Newlin Gulch at Lincoln
Dimensions: Length: 85’ wall; 2 pillars at 35’ high; Height: 5’ wall; 2 pillars at 11’

Selection Criteria:

  • Design must be to-scale and considerate of the actual proportions and surrounding environment of the underpass wall.
  • Design must successfully integrate Town of Parker community themes with design principles.
  • Quality and strength of artist’s past work as demonstrated in the submitted materials.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in the unique consideration of exterior murals and public spaces and longevity of final product.
  • Ability to create a unique and engaging artwork that is appropriate in concept, materials and scale for this project. Artist should keep in mind that a class of high school students new to mural painting will be completing similar murals in the Town of Parker, and selection may be based on level of student participation.



  • Proposal to include:
    • Letter of intent or mission
    • Suggested Supply List
    • Suggested Timeline
    • List of participant(s) involved with the project including contact information (phone, email and mailing address).
    • Completed Participation Agreement (Word Document)
    • Resume of relevant past experience or awards, including 1-5 images of past similar artwork
    • Images of design (in both PDF or JPEG) and hard copy (11x8.5)
  • Must be original artwork
  • Images should include how the design would look in the setting and must be drawn to scale. Design must represent how it will look when it is hand-painted.
  • Proposals may be submitted electronically to
  • If your design is chosen, the artist understands that the entry will be owned by the Town of Parker.
  • Projects may be completed by groups or individuals, please specify individuals participating in the project in your proposal.
  • Please specify the site you are applying for (sites noted under Specifications)


Call for Artist Open:
Proposals Due:
Artist Review and Selection:
Artist Notification:
Project Completion Date:


Each artist or group will be recognized with a plaque at the mural site.


Artist is responsible for paint supplies and materials.
Ladders, scaffolding, safety barricading will be provided by the Town of Parker.


Sydney Mahnken at 303.805.3370 or email Sydney Mahnken
Officer Greg Epp at 303.805.6532 or email Greg Epp