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Police and Fire Department Information

  1. Business Information
  2. Business Location Address
    No P.O. Boxes
  3. Business Owner Home Address
    This information will be kept confidential.
  4. Confidential
  5. Confidential
  6. Confidential
  7. Confidential - i.e. closed on Sunday, holidays, extended hours on the weekend, etc.
  8. Emergency Information
    Please list three persons IN THE ORDER THAT YOU WANT THEM CALLED in the event of an emergency. (Confidential)
  9. Do you have an alarm?*
  10. Is the alarm:
  11. Is the alarm U/L approved?
  12. If yes, what type of alarm
  14. Do you have a Knoxbox?*
  15. List any possible hazards to Police or Fire personnel
  16. Please list additional people and/or companies that have access to your building. I.E. cleaning company
  17. Leave This Blank:

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