Program Guidelines

The following are requirements for being considered for Parker Police Department Ride-Along Program:

  • Citizens 13 years of age and older may ride
  • The applicant must not have participated in a ride-along for the past 180 days
  • The ride-along usually consists of four hours
  • Area colleges and other educational institutions conducting intern educational programs are eligible as a part of course work
  • Members of an officer's family or acquaintances are eligible
  • No ride-along participant will be allowed to ride while carrying a firearm, unless the participant is currently a certified active police officer with another jurisdiction in the State of Colorado

Rules of Conduct

The ride-along participant must agree to abide by the following rules of conduct:

  • All cameras and recording devices are prohibited.
  • Any information overheard regarding a criminal investigation is confidential in nature and the observer shall not discuss that information with anyone.
  • In the event of a serious situation, the officer will ask you to wait in a secure and safe place.
  • Minors must have a waiver form signed by parent or guardian.
  • No alcoholic beverages on breath or consumption of same while participating in the Ride-Along Program.
  • No firearms or other weapons may be carried, unless the participant is currently a certified active police officer with another jurisdiction in the State of Colorado.
  • Observers must not become physically or verbally involved in any incident.
  • Observers must remain in the patrol car at all times unless told to do otherwise by the host officer.
  • Observers must wear a seat belt when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Observers shall not interfere with investigations in any way by conversing with victims, suspects or witnesses unless directed by the assigned officer.
  • Observers shall, at all times, remain under the complete control of the assigned officer and comply with all directions.
  • The observer must be of good character, not likely to endanger the safety of the public or the officer.
  • The observer shall be in good health. No persons with severe colds or illnesses will be permitted to ride-along.
  • The participant's attire must be business casual. The observer shall not wear any type of clothing, jacket or baseball cap with a logo that might suggest the he or she was a police officer.

Ride-Along Program Application & Information

To receive an application or for further information, contact the Parker Police Department at 303.841.9800 or download an application (PDF).