Golf Carts

While golf carts may be a convenient and fun way to travel through parts of Parker, there are different rules regulating their legality and generally, they are not allowed on public land or the public right-of-way. The type of golf cart being driven, where it’s being driven and permitting are all factors on whether or not you can drive your golf cart in Parker.

There is a distinction between golf carts (either gas or electric) and low-speed electric vehicles. Low-speed electric vehicles can be driven on roads that have a speed limit below 35 mph, as long as they are compliant with the requirements set forth in the Model Traffic Code (2010) as adopted by the Parker Municipal Code Section 7.01.020

However, golf carts can’t be driven on Parker’s public trails, sidewalks, or in parks, unless specifically authorized by the Town Administrator, the Director of Parks, Recreation and Open Space, or the Mayor where such is provided by the Town of Parker Municipal Code. Golf carts do not qualify as low-powered electric vehicles and are not allowed to be driven on Parker’s public streets.  Therefore, the use of any type of golf cart is prohibited unless specifically authorized as stated herein.  

There are exceptions that can be granted by HOAs and other businesses who wish to use a golf cart for the purpose of maintaining, repairing or patrolling their private property, or as otherwise authorized by a permit issued by the Town. In order to be granted a permit for trail access for motorized vehicles, you must fill out and submit the Permit for Trail Access of Motorized Vehicles with the Town of Parker and agree to all rules as provided for in the permit.

These regulations are covered in the Town of Parker Municipal Code Chapter 7.03 Restriction on Use of Certain Vehicles.  As well as provisions in the Model Traffic Code for Colorado, including sections 109, 109.5 and 109.6. Any person who is convicted of, or pleads guilty or no contest to, a violation of the Town of Parker Municipal Code shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $499.00.

Golf carts generally aren’t allowed on trails due to grant funding that helped develop some of the trails around Parker. The Colorado State Trails Program gave grant money to the Town of Parker to help trail funding, but that money can only be used for trails with non-motorized activity.