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  1. Joe Cummings


Since the beginning of formalized policing, Police Officers have patrolled their beats on horseback. Throughout our rich history, agencies of all sizes have and still maintain mounted units because of the many benefits they provide.

The Mounted Officer is truly one of law enforcement's most versatile resources. The horse is a magnet, drawing crowds everywhere they go. People love to meet and greet not only the horses, but the officers that ride them. People are naturally drawn to the animals and love to strike up conversations with the officer.

Regardless of the activity, whether it is community policing, special events, park & open space/trail patrol, crowd control, or search and rescue operations, mounted units are an integral part of today's law enforcement. Many urban municipalities and counties have reaped the rewards and benefits of maintaining a mounted patrol unit.

In an effort to provide the community of Parker continued outstanding police services, The Parker Police Department has created a Mounted Patrol Unit for parades, community policing events, crowd control, crime prevention, park/trail patrols, and to assist with searches of lost persons.

The Town of Parker has always taken a proactive approach to community policing and building partnerships with its citizens. Furthermore, the addition of a Mounted Unit will continue to build on the culture of the department allowing officers to utilize horses as yet another means to connect with the public in a positive manner.

Mounted Units are once again becoming popular throughout the nation. These ten foot officers can build a good reputation with the public, provide excellent customer service, and serve the citizens in ways others can’t.

Furthermore, Mounted Units have become extremely popular in American communities of all sizes. “Everyone loves a horse” is a common phrase and the perfect example of how a Mounted Unit can greatly benefit the Parker Police Department. Police horses are highly sought after for community events, youth activities and for senior citizen events. The ability to strengthen the outstanding partnership the Parker Police Department has with our community is priceless. Parker has always been horse country and it is part of our heritage.