Honor Guard

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The Town of Parker’s Police Department Honor Guard was founded in 2012 and is under the direction of Commander Joe Degenhart. The Honor Guard’s purpose is to represent the Parker Police Department and the Town of Parker at funerals and other ceremonial events, adding to those occasions a level of elegance, professionalism, service and respect. It is our intention to be ambassadors of good will, not only to officers, but also to their families. Three of our guiding principles are to assist all officers and their families in their time of need, to extend pride in our chosen profession, and to display to the community our allegiance to our flag. The Honor Guard attends special events to offer support and a sense of brotherhood to family, friends, and to our profession. It is our goal to set a positive image to our community in which we serve. The Honor Guard is made up of highly trained and motivated members who are dedicated to this purpose.

Honor Guard events are assigned by the unit commander at the discretion of the Chief of Police. Events include, but are not limited to, funerals for fallen officers, funerals for retired police personnel, funerals for outside agency personnel, presentation of colors, parades, educational events, and various community ceremonies.

For Honor Guard requests please contact Sergeant Greg Epp at 303-805-6532 or email.